Career Ready: Senior Lexi Dungey discusses her experience in the J Everett Light program (JEL)

Anna Klauz

What is JEL?

It’s a program where students can learn more about different careers that they may be interested in and get training for the job they want to do. It’s at North Central High School every day of the school week for three hours per day.

What are you studying?

I am studying to be a dental assistant but they also offer the opportunity to learn to be an office manager or work in a dental lab.

What do you do in JEL?

In the first semester we actually sit in a classroom and cover some base work that consists of learning the dental anatomy, terminology and nutrition that affects oral health and oral diseases. By second semester we are actually in a clinic with professional dental assistants.

What made you choose JEL?

Being able to have the opportunity to explore a career and getting a head start with real life experience is something that I value, so as soon as my counselor suggested JEL for dental hygiene I knew it would be a great fit for my senior year so I can help better prepare myself for future years in that profession and get a head start in a sense.

How did you find out about it?

My friend participated in the program two years ago and had a very positive experience so it sounded like a good fit for me too.

What is your favorite part about JEL?

Being able to get a head start in my future career and being able to get hands on experience from early on.