Humans of CHS: CHS students reveal their favorite parts of fall

Thea Bertolini

Junior Alexis Custer-Topai

“I usually start wearing Halloween socks in July, just to make sure I’m in the spirit and hype myself up. I really like fall since Halloween is my favorite holiday and that’s what I normally associate it with. I also think of toilet papering people’s houses since it’s harmless and fun. Fall is also super windy and not hot, which is a really nice change from summer.”


Thea Bertolini

Sophomore Alese McFadden

“I love fall; it’s the weather and Christmas is coming up and you’re going to get a lot gifts from that. I love Halloween because you get to dress up. It’s the best time ever. Spongebob Squarepants also sings a song about it, so you gotta love it. Autumn colors are also why I love fall because they’re so pretty.”


Senior Paige Fulkerson

Thea Bertolini

“I start wearing pants and jackets when it gets windier and colder outside. I do a lot of homework during fall since it’s the beginning of school and I don’t want to be behind. I also have cross-country and work after school every day, so that’s a big part of the season. When I think of fall I think of the falling leaves since I love being able to walk on them and hear the crinkling under my feet.”


Thea Bertolini

Sophomore Katelyn Ma

“I prepare for fall by changing my closet. I start wearing more sweaters and warm clothes. I love going to apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and I get really excited for football games. I associate fall with the start of school so it’s definitely not my favorite season, but there’s always fun things to do.”