Clinton’s visit precursor to primary

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By: Jaclyn Chen <>

The pounding beat of country music, the daunting American flag hanging front and center and the roar of the crowd were only appropriate to welcome to school Monday morning former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, here to stump for wife Senator Hillary Clinton before Indiana’s primary on Tuesday, spoke to over 4,000 students, faculty and community members.

Principal John Williams said that he was surprised when he received the phone call Saturday night but thought it was unique opportunity for this school.

Williams said, “Politics aside, what a historical moment this was for all of our students.”

During his 40-minute speech, Clinton spoke about the state of the economy and the “critical juncture our country is in.” He also discussed the Senator’s Clinton’s policies on efficient energy, health reform and the War in Iraq.

Student Body President Dan Frascella had the chance to meet Clinton after his speech.

Frascella said, “The chance that Indiana will matter (in the primaries) again, let alone having a president come to school, is pretty slim, so this was a great opportunity to meet him.”

Andrew Chernoff, who reported live for CHTV during the rally, said that he learned about from the media’s point of view.

He said, “It’s so exciting to see him, despite any political affiliations. There’s only ever been 43 presidents and to see one in person is fantastic.”

Clinton’s visit and speech will be rebroadcast on CHTV throughout this week and next.