Q & A: Football player Zach Gish’s perspective on homecoming


Kiersten Riedford

What is of more importance to you, the game or the homecoming week and the festivities?

The game. As a football player all 4 years, I think the coaches have just drilled into our heads that the homecoming festivities are fun, but it’s the football team’s job to win on Friday night. Without a win on Friday night, the homecoming week just gets a damper on the whole festivity.

Do you think there is a lot of pressure on the team to win the game?

Yes, but just as any other game to win, I don’t think anyone is going to practice or play differently just because it’s homecoming. It is just another game to us, but there is definitely going to be a lot more people there and we just can’t let it get to our heads.

What is the best part of the week for you?

Probably Monday through Thursday. I love the process and the build-up to a game, I’m a hard believer in practice. If you have a good week of practice, it’ll translate to the game.

If you could change one thing about homecoming week, including all the festivities and the dance, would you change anything?

No, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it’s great, I like the spirit, the alteration of the schedule, it keeps the day light, and I love the parade.