K-8 mentoring club to begin going to elementary and middle schools on Oct. 18

Isabel VanZetta

K-8 mentoring club will begin traveling to middle and elementary schools in the Carmel school district on Oct.18. On this day, they will meet the new kids in the program. Club members will meet with students during period G3. Members will do various things with the kids throughout the year and will have specific activities planned for each student.

 According to club sponsor Robin Pletcher, each high school student will get paired with four different kids from any of the 14 middle and elementary schools in Carmel.

Kiara Gill, K-8 mentoring club member and senior, said she was looking forward to meeting four fresh faces this year. “You can really see the change in these kids over the course of the year when your with them” said Gill.

 “What I like to see is the high school students having a positive influence on the kids in our community and their lives,” said Pletcher

According to Pletcher, to be eligible to join, you have to be a junior or senior and be able to drive. If you meet those requirements, you can fill out the application to join the class. Pletcher said, “If (you) like the idea of having an influence on younger kids lives, then (this club) is a great program to be a part of.”