School Resource Officers (SROs) to have new security offices at CHS

Hari Patel

School Resource Officers (SROs) at this school continue to plan for the transition to having new security offices at Door 13 and Door 21, according to SRO Shane VanNatter.

“Having a more secure entrance at the two main entrances of the school will allow the SROs to have a better view of anyone that enters the school,” VanNatter said.

According to VanNatter, SROs will be stationed at Door 13 after student services and the health center undergo construction in December to have a new window to the outside entrance.

Oscar Cronin, TCP student that uses Door 13 often, said he agrees that a new security office at Door 13 will improve the security of the school.

“I definitely agree that a new and more secure entrance will allow the police officers to have a better view of everyone that enters the school during the day, and many students will feel safer knowing that,” Cronin said.*

*The reporter of this quote did not inform and obtain consent from the interviewee, Oscar Cronin, to be used as a source for this story. The HiLite strives to correct its errors.