Math Club members compete in two new competitions


Joseph Broman, sponsor and math teacher, reviews upcoming competitions for Math Club on his computer. Broman said many of the competitions will take place during first semester.

Leslie Huang

Math club members will be practicing for two new competitions that will replace the Mandelbrot competition, which ended last year.

Joseph Broman, sponsor and math teacher, said, “We are working on two new competitions. One of them is called Math Madness through Arete labs; it’s an online math competition that we will do through the computers. Starting pretty soon, there’s gonna be a bracket challenge and we’ll face off against other high schools.”

Senior and president Jerry Wang said members will be participating in practice rounds until the next official round of Math Madness, which will be on Oct. 22.

“We’re also competing in the Indiana Math League competition and that’s going to be similar to the Mandelbrot,” Wang said. “So those are starting this week and they’ll be once a month, similar to how the Mandelbrot was but it ended last year so this is going to serve as a replacement.”

Math Club will have its next meeting on Oct. 15.