Science Olympiad meeting scheduled for Oct. 23


Science Olympiad sponsor Cynthia Henry discusses the upcoming meeting and competition. She said that she is excited to see what the team will accomplish at the Nov. 9 competition.

Uma Kandallu

Science Olympiad is scheduled to have its next meeting on Oct. 23.

According to Science Olympiad sponsor Cynthia Henry, the meeting will consist of preparing for the upcoming competition on Nov. 9.

Henry said, “Students will be working on their events, practicing and hopefully building things.”

Science Olympiad student leader and senior Yannick Singh said that the teams are currently preparing their different events for the competition.

 Singh said via email, “We’ll have our first competition, the Carmel Scrimmage, in early November. This isn’t a competition in the traditional sense, but rather a mock competition organized by the club officers, meant for our team to get more practice. We got the idea for it last year and are excited to run it again.”