Men’s golf faces tough competition with Brebeuf and NC Invitational

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By: Daniyal Habib <[email protected]>

The men’s golf team will play two of its biggest matches of the season tonight and Saturday, against Brebeuf and in the North Central Invitational, respectively. The Brebeuf match will be at Prairie View Country Club, and the North Central Invitational will be at Coffin Golf Course.

Mike Zervic, varsity golfer and junior, said he thinks Brebeuf does not pose a big threat to a very solid team.

“When it comes to matches, Brebeuf, at least from my experience, does not pose much of a threat. Other than consistently playing alright in matches, they’re just like every other team.

“Their team did decent last year when we played them. We ended up winning by a lot, but they put up a good fight,” Zervic said.

Zervic also said that playing at their home course, Prairie View, gives them a strong advantage.

“It is always an advantage when you play at a course you seemingly have played a million times, you know the feel of the course, specific yardages, and where the easy putts are,” Zervic said.

The Hounds will play Brebeuf twice in a row, because Brebeuf will also be at the North Central Invitational on Saturday.

Along with the Braves will be many other Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) teams at the invitational, according to Zervic.

“I do know that in most of the invitationals, most of the MIC teams show up, like Warren Central, Fishers, Noblesville, Lawrence North, etc.,” Zervic said. Ben Davis will also be at the tournament, along with others.

According to Zervic, winning an invitational can be uplifting. “It gives the mentality that we can beat any team we’re put up against. If we can beat multiple teams at once, we can beat a single team one on one,” Zervic said.

When playing with many other teams, it would be a natural instinct to be curious about the other teams’ scores. Zervic, however, said that this is not a good thing.

“I cannot recall any instance where I have checked during play. As I said, I choose to play my own game,” Zervic said. He also said it is better to not worry about what the other teams are doing and worry about your own game.

“Play your own game. I try to take that into every match, regardless the competition. It’s better to play within yourself, and not matching up one to one with the competition,” Zervic said.

“Besides,” he said, “most scores are not in the clubhouse when passing through to the back nine.”