Tour de Carmel biking event has more fun with new location

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By: Amy Flis <[email protected]>

After hearing about the Tour de Carmel bike ride that takes place tomorrow, sophomore Elaine Ivy said she thought it would be fun.

“If my church didn’t have a retreat then, I’d say (the likeliness that I would go) would be really high,” Ivy said.

The event runs from 7:30 a.m. to noon, and anyone is welcome to show up and register on the spot for routes of either 10 or 20 miles. If students desire more information, they can look up online registration, which is available at

“This year’s going to be really interesting because we’re starting at Clay Terrace,” Mark Westermeier, director of Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation (CCPR), said. “And we have a bridge so (bikers) don’t have to cross Meridian and Keystone. It should be very safe.”

Westermeier said this is the fourth year that CCPR has put together this family-friendly event. According to him, the Tour de Carmel route last year crossed Keystone and was a hassle. He said if the weather permits, the ride this year will be much more enjoyable, especially because of Clay Terrace.

“When people get done, the shops (at Clay Terrace) will all be open,” Westermeier said. “It will be a lot more festive since we’re in that spot, since we’re mixing bikers and shoppers.”

Ivy said she really enjoys riding her bike and that Tour de Carmel could be great.

“It’s good exercise to ride your bike,” Ivy said. “And I guess it’d just be fun.