Respect the Drink, Karen: People should still appreciate cold drinks regardless of cold weather

Respect the Drink, Karen: People should still appreciate cold drinks regardless of cold weather

Livvie Hurley

With winter quickly approaching, many people look forward to drinking hot chocolate and other warm beverages every day in the morning, but I will not participate in this part of winter cheer. This is because I’m not willing to give up my favorite cold drinks just because the weather changes.

As someone who is strongly addicted to Strawberry Açaí refreshers from Starbucks, I drink them all year long no matter how cold it is outside. I don’t hesitate to carry the ice-cold drink up the trail every morning in the winter, even if it does freeze my hands off. I often get asked by my friends why I’m willing to give up my warmth for a drink, but people should be able to drink their favorite beverage without the judgment from their peers.

Part of the reason why I don’t drink hot drinks is because of my dislike toward coffee. While others switch to their favorite hot coffee blends or hot chocolate during the winter, I stick with the same cold refreshers and frappuccinos. Even though I have tried on multiple occasions to enjoy warm drinks such as  hot coffee, I just can’t bring myself to. 

When I find myself needing that extra burst of energy before school in the winter, I’d rather suffer with my cold hands carrying my refresher from the parking lot to the school. But because I insist on drinking my cold drinks, there is no escaping the cold, no matter how warm my gloves can be. 

With all of the disadvantages, why do I still do it? I continue to do it because I refuse to give up something that makes me happy just because of a minor inconvenience. The way I see it, I can suffer a little bit for the duration of the trail, or I can suffer for the rest of the day because of the fatigue I feel from missing the caffeine. 

Another aspect of importance to me is the actual process of buying the drink. I enjoy waking up a couple minutes earlier in the winter morning to go to Starbucks and having that extra time to myself. I would rather have the enjoyment of going out in the morning than to do the logical thing most people do: stay warm in their homes with hot coffee during winter.

Advocating for cold drinks during winter may seem silly and not important, but doing what makes me happy is something that is more valuable than a cold Starbucks drink. It’s something I apply to many, if not all, aspects of life, and I suggest everyone else does the same, whether or not you like cold drinks.

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