An apology to our readers: Men’s basketball story was incorrect

An apology to our readers: Men's basketball story was incorrect

To our HiLite readers,

Our management team was recently informed of incorrect information regarding the CHS men’s basketball team published in the Nov. 15 Issue. The information from the sports story “Return of the King” was taken from unreliable secondary sources and therefore was not accurate. To clarify, Ryan Osborne is still the head coach of the men’s basketball team and former CHS coach Scott Heady still remains at Marian University. We sincerely apologize to the coaches, the players, the fans and our readers for any problems publication of this incorrect story may have caused.

The HiLite‘s goal is always to deliver meaningful and accurate news to our readers, and this mistake is an embarrassment to our publication. We are striving not only to correct this mistake but also to ensure it never happens again.

To that end, the story has been taken down from the HiLite website and Falsification of information or any manipulation of the truth is not tolerated by the HiLite, and we promise to work harder in the future to be a credible publication for our readers.


HiLite Management Team