Women’s junior varsity basketball defeats Zionsville 48-27

Women’s junior varsity basketball defeats Zionsville 48-27

Andrew Caito

Off to a roaring start, and led by Coach Mark Wien, women’s junior varsity basketball is at 3-1 after a win over Zionsville. Led by sophomore Laura Valiente-Marin with a career high, scoring 16 points, she led the team to the 48-27 win.

“I had a good game, better than the other two. It was the best I’ve shot the ball. It was a big thanks to the team and the way the ball moved,” Valiente-Marin said.

Wien said he took away a lot of good things away from the game.

“We had a quick start to the game it was 16-4 by the end of the first quarter and by halftime it was 31-11. It was a really good start and we just cruises from there,” he said.

From here, Coach Wien said that he wants the team to improve as a whole.

He said, “I want them to keep getting better, keep challenging varsity at practice, so many of our games were going to be physically better and more talented than other teams so it’s really about how we compete in practice against varsity and continue to challenge them.” By Andrew Caito