New STEM club forms to provide educational opportunities to students

Viyang Hao

What is STEM Club?

STEM club is basically a club that is focused on bringing educational outlets and opportunities to students that might not necessarily have access to these programs otherwise.

What are some goals for the club this year?

One big goal is just to being able to provide connections and opportunities for people who don’t have them otherwise. Even someone I just texted now, after leaving today’s meeting, I was able to give her that professor connection from the guest speaker we just had that she wouldn’t have (had) without talking or being part of the club.

Why should students join this club?

If you’re at all interested in any STEM field, I would really advise anyone who is available to join because (the club) gives people different education opportunities and possibly prospects for doing research. (The club) also gives you something that you can apply your passion to STEM into a way that can kind of affect the community if you will. 

Why did you decide to establish this club at CHS?

I first thought that (the club) was originally going to be around forensic science and things like that because I had a class that provoked my interest in that but that idea kind of plateaued when I had issues trying to find a sponsor for that. Then since I’m now in my junior year, I was like, ‘I only have this time now to establish a club.’ So that idea really drove me into starting the club officially and also part of the idea behind it was that I wanted to make something (that was) accessible, and not competitive

How often does your club meet and in what room?

The club meets roughly two to four times a month depending on the month’s schedule and we usually meet in room B213. It could also change depending on whether or not we have guest speaker coming into speak.