Rocketry and Aviation Club prepares for national contest

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By: Nicole Buchanan <[email protected]>

Recently, the Rocketry and Aviation Club members have continued to prepare for their next trip. The trip to the National Rocketry Contest takes place on May 17. May is the last month the club will have a chance to make any last minute adjustments to the rocket before the contest.

The club will travel to The Plains, VA for the contest, sponsored by the Aerospace International Association. However, club sponsor Tom Maxam said, “We are just getting started.”

The contest requires that the club build a one-stage rocket, which is the simplest rocket to make. It must lift two raw eggs up in the air, and it must stay in the air for 45 seconds.

The rocket must reach at least 750 feet. If the club happens to win the contest, they will win a share of the $60,000 among the other 100 winning teams. This event will be the wrap-up for the club.