Humans of CHS


Senior Chloe Meredith

Marissa Ryan and Thea Bertolini

One time on News Year’s Eve when I was eight, we went to our friends’ house. The kids were just messing around with glow sticks and I wondered what would happen if I poured it on my dress. So I broke it open with my mouth and poured it on my dress. It didn’t work at first, but then when all the lights were off, it kinda worked and I freaked out because part of my mouth was glowing. I went upstairs and told my mom and she freaked out, saying the glow sticks were toxic. She acted like she needed to look up poison control’s number to see if she needed to take me to the hospital, but it turned out I was okay!


Media Specialist John Love

I’m not a huge New Years’ celebrator, never have been and I don’t make resolutions because I always end up breaking them. The first holiday that I think of at the beginning of the new year would be Valentine’s day. It’s my favorite, last name Love, you kinda got to love that holiday. I always celebrated it with my kids with parties. We always make a bigger deal out of Valentine’s day than most families. We always have special dinners with the kids, fun things like care packages for kids even through college because it’s the ‘Love’ holiday.


Sophomore Nawal Waseem

Once on New Year’s Eve, all of my cousins came to my house, and we spent the entire evening playing Wii until the countdown. After that, we had a competition on who could bake the best cake in under two hours.





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