Last-minute tuxes can be easy, affordable

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DC Tux
(622 Station Dr., Carmel)
Last day: Day of the prom
Availability: It doesn’t make a difference if you come early or late. Same options, same variety, same fitting.
Price: $90 to $110 for tuxedo, vest/tie are $15, shoes are $15 to $18.
Source: Manager Don Corbett

King’s Image
(8520 Castleton Square Dr., Indianapolis)
Last day: Today
Availability: Most style and sizing options should still be available, but not necessarily the most popular styles. However, they cannot guarantee a perfect fit due to the lateness of the order.
Price: $85 to $150 for tuxedo, including vest, tie and shoes.
Source: Manager Ashley O’Bryan

Sam’s Tux
(6056 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis)
Last day: Day of the prom
Availability: Sometimes some tuxedos are not available if you come late, so if you come as soon as possible, it would be better. On the day of prom, some styles, vest colors, etc. may be out for that date already, though most of the time it should be fine.
$130 to $140 for tuxedo, including vest,tie and shoes.
Source: Manager Sam