Humans of CHS: Students reminisce about favorite parts of year, memorable moments

Senior Nick Katsis

Anna Klauz

Senior Nick Katsis

Marissa Ryan and Anna Klauz

“Senior schedule has definitely been one of the highlights of my senior year. I recommend everyone who is in a lower grade (to) try your best to get into the TCP Program. Having four classes a semester has let me be more flexible with my time and pursue other activities in and outside of school. DECA has been a big part of my high school experience and it allows me to spend more time on my projects.”


Marissa Ryan
Sophomore Lauren Huitsing and Freshman Evelyn Gordon

We really enjoy going to the same church together every Wednesday and Sunday. This time of year, coming back to school from break can be hard, so we like to pray for each other and talk as much as possible. This makes Wednesday night church even more meaningful. At the youth group, we eat pizza or Chick-fil-A, then play games and listen to a sermon before splitting into small-group discussions. These small groups are the same throughout high school so we are very close. It’s really fun to get to hang out there and escape homework for a little bit.


Anna Klauz
Junior Brett Barnhart

I think that junior year so far has been the hardest for me. I challenged myself with harder classes, but I think that I do a pretty good job balancing that and hockey. I play for the Carmel team. It’s a large time commitment for me, but I enjoy the sport so it makes it worth it.


Thea Bertolini
Sophomore Dylan Boyer

I was driving in Ohio, and it was going fine until I went to the first intersection and I really struggled with turning the car. A car going 60 mph was coming towards me and almost ran into me, I had to swerve into the neighbor’s yard to avoid getting hit.