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By: Stephanie Hodgin <> and Renny Logan <>

Band schedule

4:00-4:15 The Gnashers
4:15-4:30 The B-Sides
4:30-4:45 Moose
4:45-5:00 Quaking Sanity and the Tremors of Trepidation
5:00-5:15 R.I.P. Johnson
5:15-5:30 N/A
5:30-5:45 Meshuga
5:45-6:05 Trick Shot
6:05-6:25 MaJak
6:25-6:40 Acts of Romans
6:40-7:05 The Upper House
7:05-7:30 David Smyth Acoustic/Shenanigans
7:30-7:50 Zin-Carla
7:50-8:10 KHIP
8:10-8:25 Captain Tuesday
8:25-8:50 Amplified Allegiance of the Schwank Gypsy
8:50 Golly and the Gee Willickers (will sing while next group is setting up)
8:50-9:15 The Branches
9:15 Golly and the Gee Willickers
9:15-9:45 All of the Above
9:45-10:15 10 Days Pending (staff band)


David Smyth, 11
Micky Leonard, 11
Harrison Hines, 12
Kyle Borcherding, 11
Kevin Wang, 11
Jon Schumm, 11
Drew Paramore, 11
Danny Piedmonte, 11
Genre Bluesy rock
Similar to The Blues Brothers
Interestingly, they’re the most ethnically diverse group in Houndstock
band name origin “We were running out of time, plus we are always getting into shenanigans,” Leonard said.

Golly and the Gee Willickers

Johnny Hourmozdi, 11
Mike Gospel, 11
Phil Kirk, 11
Westin Wolfcale, 12
David Smyth, 11
Michael Peterson, 12
Genre Acappella Similar to not much, will sing some Beatles covers
they’d only met twice before auditioning
band name is completely random.

Upper House

Members Dan Frascella, 12; Austin Lugar, 12; Kevin Timmons, 12; David Pison, 12; Mike Gospel, 11; Johnny Hourmozdi, 11
Genre Rock with hip hop flair
Similar to The Darkness, Jimmy Eat World and Rihanna
interestingly, all members are senators
Band name is a reference to the Senate, which is known as the “upper house” in government, according to Pison.


Members Reed Longstreth, 12; Charlie Painchaud, 12; Michael Heck, 12; Ben Hughey, 12
Genre Blues, classic rock
Similar to Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Interestingly, the band never plays with a set list and hasn’t played together for two years. Houndstock will be a reunion.
Band Name is made up by Heck’s coworker.

Quaking Sanity and the Tremors of Trepidation

Members Andrew Bloom, 12; Patrick Miller, 12; Alex Prichodko, 12; Charles Kaneko, 11
Genre heavy metal string quartet
Similar to Apocalyptica
Interestingly, the group got a perfect score at the ISSMA ensemble contest
band name “basically came from Patrick’s extensive useless vocabulary,”
Bloom said.

All of the Above

Members Joel Barker, 12; Alex Pantos, 11; Joey Christianson, IUPUI ’10, Jackson Elliot, 10; Austin Gordi, 12
Genre Rock
Similar to Dave Matthews Band
INTERESTINGLY, only one band member, Elliot, is a Carmel student
Band name refers to God.

Captain Tuesday

Members Julia Bonnett, 11; Weston Wolfcale, 12
Genre Acoustic
Similar to Damien Rice and Nickel Creek
Interestingly, Both are in Ambassadors and “42nd Street”
Band name comes from the video game, “Rock Band.”


Members Mike Pyron, 12; Cam Witt, 12; Dustin Shoe, 12; Kyle Lowe, 12; Buddy Adkin, 12
Genre metal
Similar to Killswitch Engage and K.C. and the Sunshine Band
Interestingly, Only one member, Pyron, attends Carmel
Band name is Biblical

The Gnashers

Members Eric Van Scoik, 10; Harrison Straton, 10; Will Sharaya, 10; Hayden Urbanus, 10
Genre Alternative rock
Similar To The Ramones and Nirvana
Interestingly, the band just made up their name a few weeks ago.


Members Clayton Collins, 9; Mitch Ginder, 9; Keegan Horner, 9; J.C. Boles, 10
Genre Rock
Similar to Taking Back Sunday
Interestingly, the band formed two weeks before Houndstock try-outs
Band name is due to not knowing what to call themselves.

The B-sides

Members David Boyer, 12; Keenan Rowe, 12; J.T. Smith,12; Ryan Sapp, 12; Caleb Wild, 12
Genre Acoustic rock
Similar To Oasis and John Mayer
Interestingly, they’ve been together since 6th grade
Band name refers to the worship they lead at an inner-city church called Brookside on Sundays.


Members Marc Fishman, 12; Andrew Bloom, 12; David Chiasson, 12; David Boyer, 12; John Blomquist, 12
Genre bat mitzvah/wedding music
Similar to the real Meshuggah band
Interestingly, the band went without a bass player for six months because Blomquist was in Japan
of the Band name, Bloom said, “I don’t know where the name came from; We play this type of music because Marc and I are both Jewish and have been to many bat mitzvahs and Jewish weddings.”

R.I.P. Johnson

Members Sean Wroble, 10; Chris Wood, 10; Charlie Glanders, 10; Chris Kauffman, 10
Genre Rock
Similar To The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys
Interestingly, only one member goes to this school.

Trick Shot

Members Charlie Painchaud, 12; Michael Fellows, 12; Weston Wolfcale, 12; Brian Vanneman, 12
Genre Metal, funk, hard rock
Similar to John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix
INTERESTINGLY, their music incorporates older classic blues sounds
Band name came to one of the members in a dream.


Members Andy Painchaud, 10; Owen Yonce, 10; Brian McGowen, 10; Zach Mellencamp, 10
Genre Alternative rock
Similar To The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix
Interestingly, they came up with the name the day the Hounstock form was due
Band name is completely random.

AmplifIed allegiance of the schwank gypsy

Members Kush Govani, 12; Lou Fenoglio, 12; Bob Corpus, 12; Ryan Quinlan, 12; Phil Hollander, 12
Genre Metal, funk, hard rock
Similar to Metallica
INTERESTINGLY, they all listen to a mix of Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41 and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Band name is generated from a Web site and has no meaning, Hollander said.


Members Jack Boeglin, 12; Matt Inman, 12; Dan Frascella, 12; Grace Baranowski, 12; Meagan McNulty, 12; Ali Rader, 12
Genre Boogie, funk
Similar To Parliment, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Michael Jackson
Interestingly, the band started with Boeglin and Inman on acoustic but has since grown to include drummer Frascella and back-up singers Baranowski, McNulty and Rader.
Band name is a combination of the first names of the founding members.

The Branches

Members Collin Rainey, 12; David Pison, 12; Kevin Timmons, 12; Jesse Mentz, 12
Genre Rock, blues
Similar To Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer and Counting Crows
Interestingly, they just recorded their first CD, which they are selling for $8, along with T-shirts for $12.
Band name can be found in the Bible verse John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches.”

Acts of Romans

Members Bethany Stewart, 12; Peyton Rodeffer, Ball State ‘11
Genre Indie, folk
Similar To Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes
Interestingly, Stewart and Rodeffer have been dating since Stewart’s freshman year.
Band name came from Rodeffer’s two favorite books of the Bible, Acts and Romans.