Humans of CHS


Submitted by Lindsay Bickett

Emily Sandy and Marissa Ryan

Senior Lindsay Bickett

At the beginning of the quarantine, I mainly focused on the negatives. I would get really upset and angry that this virus had to come at the end of my senior year. However, as quarantine went on, I came to terms with what I had lost and instead focused on how what we were doing was saving lives. A lot of good came out of this quarantine, too. I started to read for fun again, something I hadn’t done since middle school. I also started healthy habits like working out and eating better. 


Submitted by Matthew Zetzl

Sophomore Matthew Zetzl

The best (part) of quarantine is sleeping in all day and doing school work at my own pace. I miss not being able to go out and hang out with my friends. I’ve been staying busy by working out, watching movies and TV and talking virtually to my friends.




Submitted by Ted Piha

Senior Ted Piha

I really miss hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday nights and not being able to have prom and Mr. Carmel. But, quarantine has motivated me to work out more. I bought an Olympic barbell set and rack, and I’ve started lifting a lot more. Overall, I’ve learned I have to find the best out of every situation, and I don’t take anything for granted anymore because COVID-19 just shows how quickly it can all be taken away.



Submitted by Sarah Larkin

Freshman Sarah Larkin

My experience has been a lot of sleeping, school work, dog walks and also watching “Outer Banks” a lot. I’m staying busy by doing virtual stuff like game nights, Bible studies and youth group with my church. I’ve also been on my hammock a lot outside.