Q&A with principal Tom Harmas on school’s reopening


Various containers of hand sanitizer line the halls. Hand sanitizer, signs and other procedures items will line up the halls.

Aniket Biswal

Principal Thomas Harmas

How will hybrid-option students socially distance themselves while in the hallways?

[Students] should not congregate in the hallways and continue to walk to wherever they need to be. Students should treat the hallways as a grocery store, where they distance themselves, but also keep others safe too.


While in the classroom, will students be able to socially distance?

 (In the) classroom, since we only have 50% capacity each day, social distancing should be easy to enforce since students can sit apart. Teachers will need to help enforce this by sanitizing desks and avoiding table groups.


How will classes work for hybrid-option students?

Since we have some students choosing the all-virtual, there may be some courses that not enough hybrid-option students signed up for. Thus, alternatives will be given for those classes. Pretend the course ‘Business Ethics’ is unavailable (at CHS), so instead, students that signed up for that class can take ‘Business Law’. On days (hybrid-option) students don’t go to school, they will be using Canvas for their work, and this time, teachers have been given training for how to properly teach and give homework through Canvas.


 How will classes work for students choosing the all-virtual option?

 As for all-virtual students, they will be using (Indiana Online Academy) IOA for their lessons. (CHS is) using IOA so that students can take higher-level AP and IB courses. (CHS) felt that students needed an opportunity to take these advanced classes remotely while also being able to participate in extracurriculars.


 How will the bus schedule and after school activities work with the new timings for CHS?

 CHS will now start at 8:45 (a.m.) and end at 3:45 (p.m.). In the morning, the buses will run a schedule an hour later than before, and the same will occur in the afternoon. As for after school activities, it is at the discretion of the sponsors for how to run the activity, meaning they can choose to have the club only in person, or they could have it in person one day and virtual the next.