Applications for teen groups at CCPL available at YA desk

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By: Cathy Chen <[email protected]>

Sophia Paliza-Carre, member of the Teen Library Council and Teen Volunteer Corps and junior, said she plans to reapply to both groups for next year.

“(TLC) is just an exciting way to be a part of the library activities and to help plan them,” Paliza-Carre said, “and (TVC) is a great way to volunteer and help the library, so I just enjoy that.”

According to Hope Baugh, young adult services manager at the Carmel Clay Public Library, applications for TLC will be available starting May 15 and need to be turned in to the young adult services desk by June 15.

Applications for TVC are available year round, but Baugh said that everyone who would like to be in TVC next year, even current members, need to apply again this month.

Applications for TVC summer desk assistants must be turned in by May 16.

“Summer desk assistants commit to coming for two hours a week, while the other (TVC) volunteer jobs don’t require that, so there’s a special application for that,” Baugh said.

Paliza-Carre said she would encourage others to apply for both TLC and TVC. A major motive is the fact that Baugh expanded the size of TLC from 25 to 50 members this past year.

Both TLC and TVC are very active in the planning and functioning of various activities at the library, according to Paliza-Carre. TLC activities include book-buying trips and Choice Picks nominations.

“I think it’s cool because now we have a lot more people working, so we can get bigger activities organized,” Paliza-Carre said.

“I really appreciate everyone who volunteers because I know everybody’s busy,” Baugh said. “Everybody has homework, everybody has other clubs, everybody has firends and family, so I just really appreciate it whenever someone volunteers.”