TechHOUNDS to have Rookie Rotation Sept. 17

Marvin Fan

On Sept. 10, TechHOUNDS had their call-out meeting on Zoom for new members. According to Drew Sanchez, the team lead for TechHOUNDS, about 40 people showed up to the call-out meeting, which was more than anticipated due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Sanchez said on Sept. 17, the rookies will participate in rotations. “They kind of get to see what the space looks like, what the tools look like, what those arbitrary goals that the leads discussed in the previous meeting concretely look like and what we accomplished in the last year. They rotate through all the divisions,” he said.

Due to restrictions on capacity, these rotations will be held on Zoom, according to Sanchez. He said the Zoom meeting will utilize Breakout Rooms in order to split the divisions up and have the rookies rotate through them.

According to Laura Erli, the assistant coach for TechHOUNDS, the coaches will all be playing a different part in the Rookie Rotation based on the different divisions.

“Mr. Bonewit and Mr. Fronic are really involved in the programming, electrical and robot op divisions. I work with the IT, public relations and construction students,” Erli said.