Senate prepares for next Thursday’s blood drive

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By: Marc Fishman <>

This week, the Senate finished its preparations for the final blood drive of the school year, which is scheduled for Thursday, May 8.

Student Body President Dan Frascella said that the drive will egin in the morning once school starts on May 8, and will be open to anyone who signs up during lunches in the week leading up to that date.

“This blood drive is open to any students who are 17 or older, but we are also able to allow 16 year-olds to sign up with parent consent,” Frascella said.

Junior Eric Murphy said he is not sure as to whether or not he will sign up for the blood drive yet, but he definitely is considering it.

According to him, “The blood drive is a great way to do something a little more than, say, donate money to a cause that could always benefits from people who are willing to give.”