Accents and Ambassadors to record concert performance on Oct. 10 in auditorium for virtual distribution

Valliei Chandrakumar

Due to COVID-19 complications, the Accents and Ambassadors will record a performance of the fall concert content on Oct. 10 in the auditorium to later be virtually distributed to families rather than hold an in-person concert. Each of the choirs will be performing at different times to accommodate social distancing guidelines and sanitation procedures. 

Director of Choirs Kathrine Kouns said while the show choirs are not participating in group-focused activities such as retreats and fundraisers, evening rehearsals are still being held and students are expected to rehearse outside of school with video and audio assignments.

“(The choir program) is doing our very best. Right now, things don’t feel a whole lot different. (The show choir students) are still working on songs that they would be working on this time of year anyway,” Kouns said. “They’re doing some songs that are choreographed and more show choir pop songs and some that are more classical and traditional choir songs.” 

Dakota Brown, Accents member and junior, said she is thankful to have a sense of normalcy amongst the choir program.

“Honestly, I’m just grateful that (the Accents) are doing something because none of us really expected anything to happen,” Brown said. 

Jessica Frazer, Accents member and senior, said there are factors that are not included in this year’s concert performance.

“I think it’s cool that (the choir program) is not giving us an opportunity, but it’s kind of hard because we don’t have an audience.”