Media center plans to introduce new e-card for students, explains new rules

Riley Laferriere

Tables found in the media center are marked off by available seating. Ramos said that the staff uses QR codes, blue X’s, and seat numbering to regulate social distancing during classes and lunch. (Riley Laferriere)

According to Terri Ramos, media center department chair for events and communications, the Carmel media center has many events planned this month along with some new regulations regarding Covid-19.

Ramos said that one major event occurring shortly will be distributing e-access cards to students. She said “That’s a pretty big deal because that means all of their e-books,, Hoopla, (and other applications) will be accessible on that card.”

Ramos also mentioned that banned book week is coming up and will occur on the week of Sept. 27.

Along with these events, there are also some new regulations in the media center regarding corona. One of these rules states that only sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to eat lunch in the media center due to limited seating. Another rule the staff is required to follow is limiting the number of students per table by marking the desks with numbering tags or blue X’s.

One student who has taken advantage of the media center is Sophomore Alyssa Langeman, who went to the media center for an English Project on Sept. 10. Langeman said, “It’s definitely weirder because (social distancing) makes it harder to talk to people and work on projects.” However, both Langeman and Ramos agreed that students are doing well with social distancing so far.

Ramos said, “I think (students) are doing great and (corona) hasn’t caused many problems. Maybe (students) end up in the reading room and it’s only one person per table, but they have still got a place to sit.”


Use this link to access the media center’s website page on Carmel High School’s website.