Senate kicks off school year with annual blood drive today

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By: Marc Fishman <[email protected]>

The Senate’s first major event this year, the blood drive, occurs today from 7:50 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the fieldhouse.

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, there were enough spots for 330 students to sign up, provided that they were at least 17 years old–or 16 with a parent’s consent–and weighed at least 110 pounds.

“The goal for us is always to fill that list,” Foutz said. Senators spent the last two weeks signing people up during all lunches. According to Foutz, the school also sent letters home to parents.

Senior Kelley Lubitz said she decided to sign up to give blood after hearing about it from a friend, and was very pleased to hear that the school could offer such an opportunity. She said, “(The fact that the school offers this) just makes you feel like you are really helping the community.”