CHTV schedules return to live shows


CHTV staff members prepare for recording. CHTV gear is consistently sanitized with breaks every fifteen minutes to assure safety and health.

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV’s new graphics system has arrived. The new graphics system will allow the staff to create live shows with graphics that are similar to those shown in pre-recorded shows. CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic, said that live shows will return during the second semester due to time constraints. “We have one show in December because of finals week and stuff so the clock’s ticking. We only have four shows left before the end of the year,” she said.

Mathew Selear, extra and senior, is in charge of audio, teleprompters or wherever he’s needed on set. He said the pre-recorded style of announcements has limited his job and that he hadn’t done a live show until Oct 28 when, according to Ostojic, a file malfunction forced the staff to go live.

“It was a new feeling,” Selear said. In comparison, he said that the pre-recorded shows were less high maintenance.

Additionally, CHTV is working on longer format programming for their youtube and cable channel, These shows will cover topics from comedy, sports, food and more. Ostojic said, “We’re doing all sorts of different things now outside of our live announcements show.

The CHTV YouTube channel can be found here