AP French students bring different French foods to try

Michelle Wan

During September and October, World Languages department chairperson Andrea Yocum said she will bring samples of different desserts from French-speaking countries for students to try. 

“I’ve been trying to bring in samples of desserts: chocolates, candies and cookies so we could sample the different types of types of food from the European countries.” she said.

Chloe Chui, AP French student and senior, said she thinks bringing in different desserts to try is a great way to learn French-speaking countries’ cultures.

“I think bringing in food is a great idea. We can enjoy our desserts, but also learn from them,” she said. 

Rachel Wu, AP French student and sophomore, said, “I’ve actually learned a lot from testing the food samples. I’ve learned the variety of flavors that the countries that speak French like to eat and I have learned their culture of the desserts.”