House, Cabinet prepare Trick-or-Treat event

Tessa Collinson

As Halloween approaches, House and Cabinet will hold their annual Trick-or-Treat event with children in the community on Oct. 24. However, amidst the current pandemic, House and Cabinet changed the format to ensure the health of the participants.

“It is normally inside, (but) it is outside this year,” Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said via email. “Normally. the children walk to each station; this year it is a drive by format where the children stay in the cars and parents drive by each station to get the candy. Normally there is a haunted house; this year it is a haunted trail outside. Our students will all be masked and have gloves on to pass out the candy.”

According to Speaker of the House Drew Miller, Cabinet remains excited about the event. He said he believes it will go well as long as people follow the guidelines.

“To follow social distancing guidelines, we ask that Trick-or-Treaters stay in their car and drive through and stop at stations to collect candy,” Miller said via email. “The event begins in the west parking lot by door 8.”

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