Science Bowl to prepare for January invitational, finalize changes to team roster


Science Bowl head sponsor Virginia Kundrat sits at her desk and plays with a science model. She sponsors the Science Bowl team, which is preparing for an invitational competition in January.

Ally Horwitz

In January, the Science Bowl team will participate in an invitational competition with other Indiana schools, according to head sponsor and science teacher Virginia Kundrat. The competition will be all-virtual and will likely take place over Zoom or Discord. According to club president and senior Noah Tan, the team is also making its final changes to the team roster, and the A, B and C teams, as well as leadership roles for the 2021-2022 school year, will be finalized after winter break.

The invitational competition will be administered virtually, and other Indiana Science Bowl students will participate and join the competition at home. Kundrat said that each student will be required to show their workplace to ensure the integrity of the competition.

The A team, which is composed of five Science Bowl leaders, will be an important part of the Invitational, according to Kundrat.

“The A team will write the questions and they’ll kind of be the judges and timekeepers for the online Invitational. We’ll probably recruit others too,” she said.

Tan said the online competitions will make it easier for schools to participate, as many Indiana schools had to travel long distances to come to CHS in past years.

While the regional competition will most likely be virtual, Science Bowl is waiting for the U.S. Department of Energy, which sponsors the competitions, to determine the status of the national competition.

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