Varsity wrestling team’s meet against Lawrence North canceled, uncertainty about season remains

Aniket Biswal

The men’s varsity wrestling team’s meet against Lawrence North has been canceled for Dec. 2, according to Head Coach Edward Pendoski, and currently the team is looking for a replacement team to duel on that date. He said the upcoming season has uncertainty regarding who and when the team will play.

Pendoski said the IHSAA has told him and the coaching staff that they will be flexible about the number of competitions the team can hold this year. He said, “Typically, [the team] has six tournaments and six duel meets. However, the IHSAA has waived that this year because tournaments are becoming difficult.”

Both Pendoski and junior Eitan Halevi outlined how different practice will be this year for both the JV and varsity teams. Halevi said the JV and varsity teams are now split up as opposed to last year when they worked out together. He said the JV team practices at different times than the varsity team and the social interaction between the two teams has decreased.

Pendoski said he agrees with Halevi and said the teams are now split up internally into smaller groups of five or six wrestlers. He said each wrestler can only practice with members of his own group, whereas in the past each varsity wrestler could practice with anyone else.

Halevi said he is hopeful for a stable season but said he is inclined to believe that many meets and tournaments will be canceled this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

By: Aniket Biswal