Submitted Photo: Jacob Young

Jacob Young, senior

“One thanksgiving tradition in my family is what we call unthanksgiving. Since I have a big family every year we wouldn’t be able to see each other on thanksgiving because everyone was going all different directions trying to see family, and my siblings spouses family, and there were simply a lot of different thanksgivings happening and we wouldn’t be able to see each other. So we around 5 years ago started doing what we call unthanksgiving. So basically we vote on a culture from around the world or a different theme and that is what we have as we gather the day before thanksgiving each year since we wanted to have a variety of food instead of traditional thanksgiving several days in a row. Some examples of this include that we have had Asian, French, Mediterranean, and all American summer cookout food in the past 4 years. For us it is a great time to spend with family and to try to challenge ourselves to maybe make or try something we wouldn’t normally have.This year we have decided to not have unthanksgiving to help prevent the spread of Covid however, we are all going to do a big zoom that night so we can still have somewhat of the experience. Also a part of it we always draw names for our family secret Santa so we will do that as well that evening via Zoom. So it isn’t what we imagined for this year but it is still something and it is the safe option.”


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