Virtual students in Chinese II take on challenges, choose safety over risks of COVID-19

Michelle Wan

As school starts up for its second semester, students have the choice to switch between the all virtual or hybrid systems of learning. Some Chinese II class students who have chosen the all virtual path say they have mixed feelings about their decisions. Jessica Wang, a Chinese II student and freshman, said she feels virtual learning is a challenge for her because there is a lack of social communication.

“I think by choosing virtual, it is very hard. Many of the characters I have not seen or heard of before, and the communication between a teacher is also challenging because I can’t talk to them face to face. I have to email them, and you can’t get the same results,” Wang said.

Sophomore Patrick Gao is also taking Chinese II, and said even though he was a virtual student last semester, he still feels virtual learning is a challenge.

“This is my second semester of all virtual, and I still think it is hard for me. I like how I can go at my own pace, but I learn better when it is in-person,” Gao said.

Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said, “It is tough for the students who choose the all virtual path because they follow a different program than the in-person students, but I think it is a good choice at this time.”