Pinnacle yearbook staff to finalize supplement, prepare for distribution

Maddie Misterka

The Pinnacle yearbook staff is finishing the supplement pages for the 2020-2021 yearbook and is looking forward to sending the pages to the printer.

According to Chris Carmichael, student life and academics editor and junior, the staff will be finalizing edits on the supplement pages and receiving proofs of the spreads before the pages are officially printed. The supplement is the final part of the yearbook left, and while it is wrapping up, plans are being made for distribution.

Pinnacle staff adviser Claire Burke said distribution plans will likely follow the same in-person method of previous years instead of having any large changes being made due to Covid-19.

Information will be posted on Pinnacle’s social media accounts as the time for distribution nears closer. If students have yet to purchase a yearbook, they will be able to do so through Pinnacle’s “first-come, first-served” basis during distribution.

According to Carmichael, planning for the next year’s book’s themes and content is also beginning with the 2021-2022 school year’s editing staff. She said that although planning is a positive feeling, the end of the school year feels bittersweet to her as staff members leave and graduate.

“We work incredibly hard all year long for that payoff and it is so satisfying when you get to see the final product for the first time. However, with the book wrapping up it means we are at the end of our school year and are about to lose our seniors. We are an incredibly close staff so when our seniors leave, it is an incredibly emotional time,” Carmichael said via email.