WRAP finishing annual publication, recruiting members for next year

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By: Monica Rice <mrice@hilite.org>

While the Writers, Readers, Artists and Performers Club (WRAP) has concluded its regularly scheduled meetings, the club is still busy with end-of-the-year events, such as publishing WRAP Writes, the annual publication that features work from members and contributors.

This year, the club has focused on letting participants in on meeting and activity dates sooner, and to aid in that goal members have launched of a new Web site. Connie Mitchell, club sponsor and media specialist, said she is especially excited about the Web site because of the amount of detail able to go there, as opposed to a short announcement. Mitchell said that the new site brings ease for club members, as well as herself.

As the club looks to next year’s events, Kay Campbell, club member and sophomore, said the club is always recruiting new members who wish to express their creativity in a “fun, encouraging atmosphere.” Any student with a talent to share is welcome, she said, and is urged to bring friends, should they decide to join next school year.

“Anyone who wants to hear opinions on their writing, or whatever talent they wish to share, is welcome,” Campbell said. “Even if you’re shy, our group is open to new ideas whenever we hear them.”