Class Day needs time, support to become part of tradition

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By: HiLite Staff

Along with every other “tradition” added this year as part of the Distinguished Graduate/weighted grades program, the administration has added the first annual Class Day to graduation activities. It will replace Senior Skip Day and include a symbolic “changing of the seats” in which the Junior Class will take the seats of the Senior Class in the stadium. It is new and unprecedented, and it is a positive change, but one that will take time to be fully integrated into the body of this school’s many traditions.

With so many changes in tradition and school policy this year, it is difficult to accept every one with open arms. At times it can be overwhelming.

However, this multitude of changes also shows a dynamic administration and student body. It is one that will not settle for “good enough,” but one that strives to build on previous years and make next year better.

Class Day could be a positive change, though it will likely meet complaints from seniors who want the traditional “Skip Day.” It will be difficult for seniors to accept the change. Instead of leaving after the Senior Breakfast to pursue summertime endeavors, they will sit in yet another ceremonial convocation.

Still, there are reasons to be enthusiastic about Class Day. As the time runs out in the seniors’ last year at this school, they undoubtedly become more nostalgic, soaking in the last moments of being part of the student body. They experience their last prom, their last days at school with their friends, and finally, their last all-school convocation. Class Day creates another memory for the seniors to take with them.

Class Day also serves as a “passing of the torch” to the underclassmen. Certainly, as underclassmen watch the graduating seniors, they will look forward to the day when they will sit in their seats. They may be reminded that one day, not too far in the future, they will be seniors themselves. Perhaps Class Day will remind them that their day-to-day accomplishments and trials are leading up to a final result. Their senior year and their Class Day are right around the corner.

Still, all new traditions take time to feel routine. With weighted grades, Distinguished Graduate program, and even late starts and new security policies, countless questions and confusions arise. Class Day will likely be similar. Students may not understand at first what the day includes or its significance. However, the gravity and nostalgic qualities of the day will outweigh these temporary inconveniences.

Ultimately, having a Class Day is probably a very good idea. Students should learn to accept it, just as they have accepted convocations and school events of the past. As they sit in the stadium, transitioning from this school year to the next, they should think of the importance of their actions. Soon, the underclassmen will be seniors, and the seniors will not be here at all.