Coquettes preparing to start season as Charisma season ends

        The Coquettes dance team will begin tryouts on Oct. 11 and 12 which will take place from 4:20 pm to 5:30 pm. This follows the end of the Charisma season, which had its last performance on Senior Night.

        Renee Rodgers, senior and long-time member of the Charisma team said, “A lot of my friends came, a bunch of parents, my teachers from the studio I dance at came. The energy was just great, it was radiating through the crowd. It was awesome.”

        The transition from Charisma to Coquettes means there will be a smaller team, due to higher skill requirements.

        Sarah Wolff, who is the coach of both teams said, “Charisma is more of a high end of hip hop with an emphasis on dance technique…whereas Coquettes we’ll do a really high level of dance technique with lots of turns and a higher level of pirouettes.”

        Due to COVID, both teams were unable to perform but this year they are coming back more prepared than ever.

        Coach Wolff said, “I’m excited about the future with (the team) and there are lots of really strong, talented seniors this year so it should be a fun year for both teams.” By Caitlyn Mount