Performing arts construction to transition into building stage

Construction around the performing arts department is in the demolition stage, according to Assistant Principal Toby Steele. The construction will soon shift to the building stage, which will add more classrooms to accommodate the growing performing arts program.

The renovation is a two-year process divided into three phases. Steele said they are at a point in the first phase, where workers are finishing the process of tearing walls down and turning the area into a blank canvas.

 Orchestra student and sophomore Erin Kong said the construction is a long process that she will not benefit from.

 “I wish that the construction would take less time because I heard that it will be done during my senior year, which means I won’t be able to really, you know, be in the newly constructed environment for a really long time,” Kong said.

“(The construction) is not a fast process…but we are excited to have the opportunity to improve, not just our facilities, but as our facilities improve, our programs can improve with it,” Steele said. “So it’s exciting to see what these changes will allow our programs to do, and when our programs can do more, our students can do more.” By Lorna Ding.