Q and A with first responder Brian Hammet, daughter


Michelle Wan, Student Section Reporter

Name: Brian Hammett

What is your role? Or what do you do in the first responder’s department? 

I’m a captain on a ladder truck in an apraxia operations house for the Indianapolis Fire Department.

How has COVID changed your job? Has it been more difficult or about the same?

 It has not been difficult, but it is different. We have to wear masks and specialized gear on EMS runs. 

How has COVID changed your family dynamics? Have changes from your job made it harder for your family? 

With the kids being home a lot, it was different. We couldn’t do all the things we usually do as a family during the lockdown.

How do you think you make an impact on others and students? 

We do go to schools and do fire safety talks. We don’t only do runs, but we do welfare checks often. We make sure children have food, smoke detectors and the basic necessities to live. We make sure the public has safe buildings to go into. 

What is something you learned from these experiences?

 There are times when people call you and don’t need you, and other times people call you and really do need you; that can be frustrating, but it’s still part of the job and I work to help others so it is worth it.