FCA to have next fellowship meeting on Oct. 22

        Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will continue its regular fellowship meetings on Oct. 22, returning from fall break.

        On Oct. 1, Jake Perry, a youth pastor from Traders Point Christian Church, came to speak. According to FCA sponsor Connor Bradley, Perry talked about the attributes of God, things like compassion, love, power and graciousness.

        “He [Perry] talked about the ABCs of God by having the students in groups and working through the letters of the alphabet and coming up with descriptors,” Bradley said.

        Carter Jay, FCA leader and junior is excited to have guest speakers back to come and talk to FCA students. Jay said his favorite guest speaker was Jamie McCord, a Carmel Young Life leader.

        “She [McCord] came and talked about how to be a light for God. I enjoyed her talk because it was a good reminder about who we are called to be,” Jay said.

        Jay also talked about the Christmas party FCA hosted two years ago. Jay explained that the party was a great get together.

        “We had the normal bible study and doughnuts, but then we also had a pancake breakfast and a couple games. It was a really fun time.” Jay said.

        In the past, FCA would do Friendsgiving where students would have a big pitch-in right before Thanksgiving. But due to COVID-19 restrictions, FCA has not decided if they will continue this event this year.

        “It’s still yet to be seen if we will do that same thing this year but hopefully we will still get to.” Bradley said. By Helena Wang