Q&A with art teacher Murray in honor of National Go to an Art Museum Day

Maryam Hafeez, Student Section Reporter

How do you think all people
can benefit from art, through either
participating in it or just viewing it?
Regardless of interest in it, art accesses a part of
your brain; a spatial understanding (and) creative
problem solving that you don’t get access to in the
classes that you’re taking, or the disciplines you’re
interested in, or the job you take. So being able to at
least understand how to create and having some
experience with that is important because then you
can take that and use that to solve problems outside
of the art world. It’s the same for viewing art as well.
Some people will go into museums and say, ‘Well, I
feel like I should like this artwork but I don’t know
why’ and I feel like that’s an incorrect way to go
about it. It’s more really looking into yourself and
thinking what do I think of this, what am I taking
away from it, and if there’s nothing there, so be it.

What places would you recommend
for people to go and view art in Carmel?

Probably the commons during the upcoming fall
art show, or the spring art show. It really is an
experience for people in the school who (usually)
don’t get to our wing of the building to be able to see
what’s going on down here, and then a lot of times
friends will ask people about it and we’ll see our
numbers go up a little, just because there’s a little bit
more ‘Oh wow, what is that? How can I do that, how
can I be a part of that as well?’ (Another option is) the
IMA [Indianapolis Museum of Art]. It’s local, so I’m
a little biased towards it, but they do such a good job
really cultivating different experiences.

What do you value
the most about art, and
what does it mean to you?
I always grew up drawing. So for
me it’s always been a way to be
expressive. Some people play music,
some people write papers, some
people run around and catch things,
and mine was drawing, and so to
me, it’s kind of an experience that I
want to share with others.

Will you do anything to
celebrate Go to an Art
Museum Day on Nov. 9?
Well, it’s Tuesday, my least
favorite day of the week, so I
will definitely spice it up by
checking some art out. By that
time we should have our fall art
show up, which is appropriate
for National Go to an Art
Museum Day.