Repertory theatre students perform monologues at the advanced level

Sumedha Kota

According to Seth Jacobson, repertory theatre student and junior, the class has begun learning a new set of skills in terms of delivering monologues. Jacobson said he considers monologues as a defining feature of dramatic interpretation.

“I think monologues are really cool because they require so much skill in terms of voice modulation, expression, and even body language. They are definitely hard to do, and to do well,” Jacobson said.

According to Jacobson, the monologues showcase the importance of taking the repertory theatre class for aspiring theater students.

“The monologues are something that I would have been so afraid to do before I joined the repertory theatre class, because you need to work up so many skills that only the repertory theatre class, which is an advanced class, can teach you,” he said.

Repertory theatre teacher, Maggie Cassidy agrees on the importance of repertory theatre.

“Repertory theatre is so important because it provides students with these interesting learning opportunities such as having to not only scour the internet and find monologues from established playwrights, but also make the monologues their own,” said Cassidy. By Sumedha Kota