Upcoming college application process for Junior Class

This past Sunday, in the Freshman Cafeteria of CHS, the Healthcare Careers and Majors fair took place, an event targeted towards the Junior Class at this school. As seniors receive their college decisions, and will continue to do so throughout spring break, opportunities are arising for juniors to begin their college application process. 

“This is one of many upcoming opportunities that current juniors should take advantage of,” said Melinda Stephan, College and Career Programming and Resources Coordinator. 

The College Career and Resource center is a service of this school’s counseling department.

“After spring break, we are pushing out an email that will have tons of information about college application processes, including promotion for another upcoming fair: the Skilled Trade Careers and Major fair to take place on April 26,” said Stephan to add to her previous statement.  

“Juniors and seniors can come in during SSRT, and there will be many application help sessions as well. We are here for them, and this is a stressful process so it’s good to get ahead of the game,” said Stephan. 

Junior Sadie Penix said, “I’m so glad the counseling department is guiding us through this process and already helping us figure it out. College applications are already stressing me out so much.”

“I remember last year when I was stressing out about this so much. It is important to just relax and get through it, don’t procrastinate,” said senior Sanchali Pothuru. 

Stephan concurred with this and said, “We are here for you, and we are here for whatever help you need through this.” By Pahal Sehgal