FCCLA members plan fundraisers to raise money for summer trip to San Diego

Members of FCCLA continue to plan for the summer trip to San Diego. The National Conference for FCCLA is in San Diego during the first week of June. FCCLA will raise money for the trip via fundraisers. 

“I believe the fundraiser is homemade lasagna dinners made by our members/culinary team,” Officer of FCCLA and senior Victoria Payack said via email. “There was also talk of a Crumbl-style cookie being sold specifically for students, but I am unsure what the progress on that is.”

According to Adviser of FCCLA Faith Dalton, plans for fundraisers are currently being discussed but nothing has been finalized so there is a possibility for a different fundraiser to be announced.  Dalton also said that FCCLA will wrap up the school with an end-of-the-year party that members of FCCLA can attend. The date of the end of the year party is undecided. By Ethan Blastick 

Caption: Adviser for FCCLA Faith Dalton (left) meets with other FCCLA officers during SSRT about possible fundraiser ideas to raise money for the trip in June, on March 11, 2022. Possible fundraiser ideas include homemade lasagna dinners that would be sold to customers to raise money, and or a Crumbl-style cookie that students can buy. By Ethan Blastick