CCRC to host Skilled Majors and Careers fair; college list-building workshops


CCRC Counselor Harry Pettibone talks to juniors at one of the college list-building workshops. The workshops help prepare juniors ready themselves to apply to colleges in their senior year. “The workshops are a great way for students to ready themselves for senior year college preparation,” said Pettibone.

On April 26. the CCRC is hosting a Skilled Majors and Careers fair for students who want to explore majors and careers that don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree, according to CCRC Coordinator Melinda Stephan. Professionals and Businesses will be brought in to help students learn about the educational and career opportunities in skilled trades like construction and welding. All grades are welcome to attend, and students from other schools will be invited.

The CCRC will also host four college list-building workshops for juniors only, according to Stephan. These workshops will help juniors thinking about going into college build their college list and prepare them for applying to colleges a senior year.

“We kind of give them a roadmap of ten things that they can be doing to stay on track and maybe lessen the stress a little bit when the fall comes,” Stephan said

According to Stephan, preparing juniors for senior year is the main focus of the CCRC in the final weeks of school. The CCRC has also invited all juniors to a college application boot camp Canvas course that is available to them as a resource.

“I am glad that the CCRC is offering these services to juniors because I want to get started before senior year so I am prepared.” Said junior Eric Vasquez, who attended one of the college list-building workshops. By George Deane