Hound Pound supports men’s basketball team at Sectional

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Student athletic board members said they want Hound Pound members to attend and support the men’s varsity basketball team on March 5. The game will be played at the Eric Clark Activity Center, and it begins at 7:30 p.m. The Greyhounds will play the Westfield Shamrocks.

Member and senior Charlie Dankert said, “Right now, the men’s varsity basketball team is the club’s main focus. Majority of the other winter sports have concluded their successful seasons. The club would like to see members in their Hound Pound T-shirts at the Sectional game.”

If the Greyhounds win on March 5, they will play on March 6 at the Eric Clark Activity Center at 7:30 p.m. The March 6 game will determine the Sectional winner.

“Hound Pound is a student-led club, so any specifics, such as the Game of the Week or any large events, should be addressed to the student athletic board members,” sponsor Jim Inskeep said.

Dankert said, “After all the winter sports finish, the club will focus its attention on the women’s tennis and the men’s baseball team. The women’s tennis team was very successful last year winning State, so we want to continue our support. Also, we want members coming out the baseball games. It is more fun than people think.”

“Hound Pound is a club that students in any grade can join. Student athletic board members have been really pleased with the student turnout at games. Members should check their e-mail for more upcoming events,” Dankert said. By Kelsey Binion <kbinion@hilite.org>