Q&A with junior Brandon Trinh on shoe collection, collecting refurbished shoes


SHOE SHRINE: Brandon Trinh lays out his collection of shoes. According to Trinh, he has collected twelve pairs of shoes.

Michelle Wan

What inspired you to start shoe collecting?

The main thing that inspired me to start collecting was the interesting designs, and wanting to expand my wardrobe. I also thought that it would be something that I would enjoy. I like collecting and looking at shoes because I think it is a little boring
to wear the same shoes everyday. Although, I used to do that, and it is a very easy conversation starter.

How do you decide what shoes to collect?

Everyone has different tastes in shoes, so it is hard to generalize what a normal shoe collection would look like, but I would say that many people would own 2-3 shoes: one being a pair of Air Force 1s, a pair of Converse, and perhaps a pair of Ultra Boosts. I am always looking at leaks of new shoes on Twitter, and entering raffles for shoes.

What are the challenges of collecting shoes?

The main challenge is trying to find shoes for a good price. As the retailers only release so many shoes, and there is a higher number of people who want the shoes than there are shoes, there is bound to be a problem. The outcome of this problem is reselling. This leads to shoes that retail at $170 going to $200+ right after release, even if they are not that hyped up. If they are hyped up, they can go upwards (by) $400.

What type or brands of shoes do you try to focus on?

I typically focus on Nike, Jordans and Yeezys, although I would like to start getting some New Balances, as I really like what they are doing in the sneaker community with their (collaborations), and use of high quality materials. (Currently) I have (collected) twelve pairs of shoes.

Do you see yourself doing more with shoe collecting in the future?

Yes I do, because it is something that I enjoy. As long as I am smart with my spending, I should be able to keep collecting. I think that it has increased my fashion sense, and has gotten me a couple compliments.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in shoe collecting?

I would tell people to try not to pay outrageous amounts for shoes if you don’t have the funds, and do not be afraid to buy used shoes, as you will end up wearing them anyway. Places I would recommend are the r/SneakerMarket (on Reddit), eBay, and local sellers. I would try to avoid StockX and Goat as they have pretty high fees for authenticating and shipping. It is also important to be able to authenticate shoes by yourself, and you can learn to do that just by looking videos up online.

Check out r/SneakerMarket here