The Rising Star’s annual hayride to take place Oct. 20

The Rising Stars’ annual fall hayride will take place on Oct. 20. However, the location at which the hayride will take place this year has changed. The Rising Stars have found a new venue at Piney Acres Farm.

According to Grant Steckbeck, co-sponsor of Rising Stars, finding an area for around 50 theater kids to participate in a hayride and spend time was not an easy task.

Steckbeck said, “The place that we used to do it shut down so there’s a bunch of other places that we’ve been looking into. There’s a lot of boxes that need to be ticked, and a lot of them can’t accommodate all of the stuff that we need or that we’re looking for.”

Despite the new location, the expectations for the hayride remain the same. The group will meet at CHS, then take a bus ride to the Piney Acres Farm to enjoy the fall festivities of roasting smores and hot dogs, watching skits, and participating in the iconic hayride.

The board of the Rising Stars aims to focus on creating bonds and inclusion within the activity. At their last meeting, to pump up the fall spirit, members were encouraged to wear Halloween costumes and spirit wear to school.

Senior Ellaxandra “Ella” Asher, president of the Rising Stars, said she hopes to use the hayride as a chance to remind the members of the theater aspects of the club.

“The board (for Rising Stars) also writes a skit every year and that kind of shows off the acting abilities (of the club) in some kind of way to the rest of the club to make sure that everyone is aware that it’s still like a theater club,” Asher said. “We play a lot of games, but we try to keep it as theater based as we can.” By Charlotte Horrocks