Media center, Carmel Clay Public Library collaborate, plan for future partnerships

Maryam Hafeez

The media center and the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) have worked together since the opening of the CCPL on Oct. 1 and have plans for future collaborations in the coming weeks and months
Zach Reynolds, former media center librarian and current CCPL Teen Services librarian said he has been working with Terri Ramos, media center department chair. “I have been in regular contact with Mrs. Ramos quite a bit since the start of school, and we are both excited about the possibilities that our unique situation allows us to have. Now that I have gotten a behind-the-scenes look at both libraries, it is neat to see how much the two libraries complement each other,” Reynolds said.
Ramos said the media center had arranged for the CCPL to give talks to students about various resources. “We’re gonna have the Carmel Clay Public Library here talking about Hoopla and Libby and handing out cards for digital access so that kids can get audiobooks, ebooks, all kinds of stuff like that,” she said. 
According to Ramos, the coordinated efforts are to encourage reading habits in students. “We want to try to create a culture of reading for (CHS), because I think with (COVID-19), a lot of people started reading more, but now that we’re kind of getting back to life again, everybody’s like, ‘Oh, I’m so busy’, but we need to keep reading. It’s so important. It’s so good for us. It’s so fun,” she said. 
Reynolds said he has already given several talks at CHS. “I have already come over to the high school many times to talk to students about some of the awesome resources that CCPL has,” he said. “I have been able to get in contact with students that I would not ordinarily have been able to reach by waiting for them to come across the street.”
According to Reynolds, there are several ideas for future joint programs between the CCPL and the media center. “One idea was to do a collaborative art project that students at both libraries could contribute to individually and would be put together to form a larger work that would be on display at both libraries,” she said. “Another idea proposed is for CCPL to have programs in the media center at CHS during SSRT for students who are not normally able to come over to the CCPL after school… We are beyond excited at the potential collaborations between Carmel High School and the CCPL.”

The Teen department at the CCPL. Teen Services librarian Zach Reynolds said the library was planning several joint events with the media center.